Who is the force behind the phenomenal success of the elegant facial and cosmetic salon?
Mary Glancz and her personally trained staff!

Mary Glancz was raised by parents who owned and operated a cosmetics salon and laboratory. She was nurtured in a home where the practice of proper skin care treatment and application of revitalizing products was considered imminent. With formal education at the renowned Budapest Facial College and training in Paris and Rome, Mary now offers her aesthetic knowledge to the American market.

Mary is an innovator. She has successfully launched her patented products annually and continues to expand her skincare line. At the prestigious Aesthetician International Association Convention in 1983, she lectured on her discovery of Propolis, a skin revitalization so effective it actually rebuilds any kind of dry or damaged skin.

A member of skin care associations in Europe and the United States, Mary frequently attends international cosmetology conventions. She teaches licensed cosmetologists and is a national lecturer on the subject. Speaking engagements include high schools, private clubs, and guest appearances on television talk shows.

Many of the aspiring aestheticians enrolled in the Mary Glancz Salon are now successfully operating their own facial salons. Devotees of Mary Glancz are now ascribing to her principles and providing clients with beautiful benefits nationwide.

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